Drone X Pro Review – Worth it or not? 

A lot of content creators these days are looking to enhance the quality of their videos and drone shots also play a vital role in attracting a lot of audiences. 

Therefore, the market has seen a huge rise in the manufacturing of various types of drones because they are in huge demand these days. You’d get a lot of options when it comes to drones and there are various options available for specific kinds of filming. 

Since there is a lot of variety in the market, it is important to understand that these drones also come in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. You’d also see a lot of options for beginners as well as professionals working content creators.

In our previous analytical piece, we tried to shed light on various long-range drones and today we are going to talk about a specific drone that goes by the name of Drone X Pro. 

The Drone X Pro is a very nice but delicate device that comes with an attractive camera and really cool functions. You must not try to fly it in breezy environments and challenging weather conditions. 

It is going to give you a flight time of almost 10 minutes but users and reviewers of this drone have also stated that it works perfectly for about 6 minutes and the flight timing of 10 minutes is only claimed by the manufacturers.

We have seen a lot of speculations and unauthentic reviews about this drone on the internet and therefore, we have decided to come out with this review. According to some unconfirmed details on the internet, there were two guys that were working for a reputed drone making company and they had made this Drone X Pro for all the customers that were looking for a budget option. 

As we all know, companies with bigger brand names such as DJI Mavic is charging a lot for a single device and the main reason of making the Drone X Pro was to satisfy the budget customers as well. 

This was just the main information that we know about this device. Without any further delay, let’s get on with our complete review of Drone X Pro. 

Drone X Pro Review – Worth it or not? 

If you’re looking for a nice and stylish drone that comes with a decent camera then perhaps you can opt for this sleek Drone X Pro. It comes with state-of-the-art functions and it gives you a futuristic kind of a feeling upon its usage. Genuine photographers and videographers are going to love the services of this drone. Before buying a drone for your personal use, you must look into its intricate details and some of the features that cannot be ignored in a drone. We’re going to discuss some of the notable features of this device and then, you can decide for yourself if this machine is worth it or not. 


Portability is the first and topmost priority of any drone user. It is because drones are always used outdoors and your device must have the ability to get carried around easily. As far as the Drone X Pro is concerned, it comes with a pretty delicate but lightweight and stunning design. 

It comes with great portability because you can carry it around easily but its build quality needs a lot of care when used in challenging outdoor conditions. It is very good for travel vloggers and an inspiring drone for usage in outdoor environments. The main quality of this drone is that it doesn’t come with a huge size and therefore, makes it easy for you to just carry it around wherever you want.

Design is foldable: 

There are not many drones that come with the feature of a foldable design. Foldable drones are liked more by the customers because this feature ensures the safety of the device when you’re not using it. 

It also comes with an expandable joint and therefore, makes it easy for you to fold it along its frames by holding the propellers and its overall body. These propeller blades come with a lot of flexibility and you can take them around according to your liking.

Camera quality is good but not great: 

The camera quality for any drone is the major feature and this Drone X Pro comes with a nice 12 MP camera and it is going to give you HD resolution and you can also record your videos in 720p mode. 

It is an extremely suitable device for wide-angle shots and you can also make use of its panoramic mode where you can capture more than 3500 images in a single click.

Flight timing is average: 

The Drone X Pro doesn’t give you huge flight timing like the other premium models such as DJI Mavic or DJI Mavic Air. It will only give you a flight timing of around 10 minutes if your battery is completely charged. If this timing is not enough for you, you can also use and keep extra batteries with you for better timing. According to its manufacturers, its battery can be charged completely in 1 hour and 10 minutes approximately.

Stability is decent: 

You’d always want your drone to work and fly smoothly and this is where the Drone X Pro really impresses us. It comes with really nice stabilization features and maintains its smooth flight even in the toughest of environments. 

This drone is a pretty good option for all the beginners and professionals working people because it is easy to fly and doesn’t require the skills of a trained pilot. With its nice stability during its flight, the Drone X Pro is going to capture some really beautiful and breathtaking shots for you.


  • 50 m FPV distance 
  • Two LED lights
  • Remote Controller 
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 3.7V 500 mAh Lipo battery
  • It supports Android and iPhone
  • It also comes with WiFi FPV
  • Control distance of 80m and FPV distance of 50m


  • The flight timing is not great 
  • Doesn’t record videos at 1080p or 4K 

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Is drone X Pro any good?

Answer: Depends on individual experience but it has got mixed reviews from customers.

How far can the drone X Pro fly?

Answer: It comes with a control distance of 80M and FPV distance of 50m.


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