DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Review

We have been discussing a lot about drones of late and there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that drones of DJI Mavic are always at the top in terms of features, specifications, and user-friendly nature. 

Therefore, we have decided to enhance the list and review the much-anticipated professional drone for you that goes by the name of DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. We know, these names can get a bit confusing but if you are truly passionate about your flying experience then you won’t be able to forget the name of DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. 

This amazing quality drone is standing right at the top of the rankings with some other expensive devices and the Phantom 4 Pro+ also doesn’t require any external device to be connected with it when flying. 

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Review


As we have discussed before, DJI has been producing a lot of quality drones of late and we won’t hesitate in accepting that there are better quality drones available from the same company such as the DJI Mavic 2 Pro that comes with the better video quality. 

The Mavic 2 Pro is also more rapid and portable than the Phantom 4 Pro+. However, the Phantom 4 Pro+ is a pretty stunning device that has its own qualities. You’re going to get a remote control that is integrated within the device and there is a screen as well to exclude the need of a smartphone. 

The Phantom 4 Pro+ can be categorized in the consumer line products of DJI Mavic and it comes at around 1800 dollars. 

This is not affordable for everyone, we know that but professional content creators and multinational industries can afford this drone for their shooting. Also, the kind of features that it provides, you won’t feel shame in accepting that it offers value for each and every single penny.


As far as the design is concerned, you are not going to find any great difference in the shape when it is compared to its sibling models such as the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 4 Advanced.

Obviously, the design starts with four propellers flying over its head and the legs are also pretty balanced and stable. It has a camera that is carried inside by the gimbal and the remote control is also the first of its kind in DJI Mavic models. As we have discussed before, the remote control also comes with a built-in screen of a 5.5-inch display and you are going to enjoy 1080p resolution as well. The colors are pretty vibrant and the internally built components also complement each other to give you the best possible result. 

Video recording modes:

It is not only restricted to 1080p and it comes with the ability to record at as low as 1280×720 120p at 60Mbps and as high as C4K 4096×2160 24/25/30p at 100Mbps. Therefore, you are going to be left with a lot of options as far as video recording mode and quality is concerned and you can choose the desired result according to your needs and requirements. 

Remote Control & Built-in Screen: 

As we have discussed earlier, the remote control comes with a built-in screen and it is not an ordinary screen at all. The 5.5-inch display is going to give you clarity about everything that is happening around with your device. 

You can consider this screen as a tablet that works as a small version of Android that comes without the services of a play store and Google apps. 

This is a pretty exceptional drone that comes with the quality of fast processing and quick response time as far as its flight is concerned. It hardly takes more than 20 seconds to boot up and is widely regarded as one of the quickest drones on the market. 

It also has a pretty good touchscreen that works perfectly and the previously designed automated modes are also present in this device. However, you are not going to enjoy the services of a SIM card therefore, you won’t be able to live-stream your videos on different social media websites without a WiFi connection.

The remote control also comes with the storage ability of 16GB and it is absolutely integrated you don’t have to spend any extra bucks on this. However, you’d still get the luxury of a Micro SD card slot if you are running out of space. For external displays, you’re also going to get an HDMI port.

Obstacle avoidance and fast-moving shoot:

At first, the Phantom 4 was released with an obstacle avoidance technology that only worked looking forward. Whereas, the Phantom 4 Pro+ is coming with the same technology but works in almost all different directions such as upwards, backward and downwards as well. Another pretty cool feature of this device is that it comes with a mechanical shutter and it is an extremely useful device for all the professional users of cameras and drones. This amazing shutter comes with a maximum speed of 1/2000s and it comes with the ability to reduce or completely eliminating the distortions caused by the shutter itself. This particular technique helps you out when you are looking to shoot a subject that is moving constantly or rapidly. It also helps you a lot when the drone is flying at its maximum speed and its fullest potential. This is where the Phantom 4 Pro+ leaves the Mavic 2 Pro behind.

User friendly:

As far as its user-friendly nature is concerned, you are going to enjoy its services to the fullest because the experience of using the Phantom 4 Pro+ is great if not extraordinary. This device is perhaps the most well-equipped and well-engineered drone out of the lot. 

Most of the reviewers and online customers have given this drone 9 points out of 10 and it is way ahead of any other drones in the same category. 

The device is also pretty easy in its usage and you won’t find any trouble using its touchscreen display if you are a regular user of gadgets like smartphones or tablets. You’d also be able to create the DJI account through its built-in touchscreen and the propellers start working with a simple push of a button.


  • A lot of video recording options
  • Remote control and built-in screen
  • Portable device
  • HDMI port 


  • Buttons of the controller can get damaged if not used carefully

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What is the difference between Phantom 4 Pro and Pro Plus?

Answer:  Phantom 4 Pro+ comes with a built-in screen of 5.5-inch and remote control.

Is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro discontinued?

Answer:  Yes, it was officially discontinued three years back in April 2017. 


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