DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review

When we talk about drones then the name of DJI Mavic comes out at the top automatically. It is because this company has been making huge strides when it comes to drones of almost all kinds. Their products have different flight timings and are different from each other in some features. Today, we are going to review one of DJI’s best and most popular drones. 

Yes, you heard it right. The next product on our list is this amazing DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. It is one of the most widely used and also pretty expensive drone as it comes for over $1000. 

It is a nice small drone that fits in perfectly on a camera and the integrated remote control is also pretty essential. It comes with brilliant flight experience and gives you a 4K videos to enjoy.

It comes with fantastic internal features such as return-to-home ability and its quality of avoiding the obstacles in its way is pretty exemplary. It is the most widely used drone by professional videographers and content creators. There are other options also available in DJI Mavic’s arsenal but this Pro Platinum is also pretty updated according to modern usage.  

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review 


Before getting into the intricate details of this device such as its build quality and style, it is important to understand that the Mavic Pro Platinum is the updated or second version of the Mavic drone. 

The changes in the design are not in great number except adding some colors to complete the look of it. The height of the device is 83mm and the Width is the same as well. However, the overall length of the Platinum Pro is 198mm. The weight is hardly higher than 1.5 pounds and is pretty easy to carry around because of its small size.

What is the basic and primary job of a good drone? Many would say it should be providing good quality videos and images but let us assure you that the biggest quality of the drone is its portability. 

If you are feeling easy to carry it around and it goes up in the air in a matter of seconds then it should be regarded as one of the best drones. Besides this amazing quality, if your drone is giving you 4K recording then what else are you asking for? To make things easier for you, you can also fold the propellers of this drone in order to carry them around before usage.

Flight timing:

If we compare the flight timing of the two devices, the Mavic Pro was giving you almost 24 minutes of flight whereas the latest Platinum Pro has the ability to take and cover your favorite areas for almost 28 minutes. The company is claiming 30 minutes of flight time but that is not entirely correct. 

We have tested both of them simultaneously and it was proved that 28 minutes of flight timing was recorded by the Platinum Pro. Anyways, 28 minutes is still a huge improvement from 24 minutes because you can literally cover a lot of shots and take breathtaking visuals in these additional four minutes that are offered by the Platinum Pro.

Price and Improvements: 

For online buyers from most of the countries, the Mavic Platinum Pro is going to cost around or perhaps more than 1000$ in some regions. You are going to need extra batteries if you are looking to use it professionally and these extra batteries will also cost you a few extra bucks. 

As far as the improvements are concerned, we have seen that the Platinum Pro comes with a silver-color finish and the flight timing has also improved significantly. Also, not to forget the noise reduction that has been reduced to more than 50% compared to its predecessor.

Video and Image Quality:

As far as the camera and photo abilities of the Mavic Pro Platinum are concerned, you won’t see any major upgrades as it comes with the same nose-mounted camera and a 3-axis gimbal as well for stabilizing the image.

You won’t be enjoying the ultra-wide-angle but you can go for a wide-angle instead. It has the ability to record 60Mbps 4K video and it will also give you images in raw, JPG and DNG format. In short, it works the same as a 25mm lens on a full-frame camera. 

With the help of 1/2.3-inch CMOS design and a 12MP image sensor, it produces a high-quality image and footage produced is going to be crisp and smooth because of the 3-axis gimbal at work all the time. You can also rotate the lens and shoot in portrait mode as well.


As we discussed at the start, the internal components of this device are so powerful that it won’t let the machine make any troubling noise whatsoever. This particular model from DJI comes with two updates compared to the previous model. 

You are going to enjoy long flight timings and the operations are going to be done in silence without any hustle and bustle. This is made possible by the improvements in its design and engine. In short, you’re not going to be troubled by the noise of the drone because it flies quietly and does its job perfectly in silence.

It is absolutely understandable that the noise of the drone is going to have very little effect on the pilot or the user. Whereas, the noise might disrupt the surrounding people and create noise pollution in a certain public area. 

Therefore, this model from the DJI Mavic is producing almost 50% less noise than the previous model which is close to 4dB. You won’t believe it but this is a huge difference when the noise reduction of both the drones are compared to each other.


  • 4K video
  • Almost 30-minute flight time
  • Less noise 
  • 12MP image sensor 
  • Easy to carry around


  • Not affordable for everyone 

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Is the DJI Mavic pro platinum worth it?

Answer: Best value drone on the market if you look at size, weight, and image quality.

What is the difference between the DJI Mavic Pro and Platinum?

Answer: Mavic Pro Platinum is ahead in flight timing and noise reduction.

How far can the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum fly?

Answer: With extra batteries and 30-minute flight timing, you can fly as far as 7 Km. 

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