DJI Goggles Review & Specifications

So far, we have discussed a lot of products that are used in different industries, and recently, we have been looking into the types and functions of different drones. Today, we’re here with another interesting review, and this time around, we’re going to review the DJI Goggles that are made by the company itself for better viewing experience. 

Some people are also calling it a huge change in the field of drones because these Goggles have the ability to bring the First Person View (FPV) to you and there is more to this interesting story as well and we’re going to discuss all of it in this article today. In this little analytical piece, we’re going to find out if wearing these over the top goggles is actually any fun.

DJI Goggles Review & Specifications 

Basic function:

If you’re thinking about how it is going to work then let us tell you that these amazing creatures are made in such a way that they work along with your controller and it allows you to fly your drone and experience the FPV. 

Basically, you are going to gain access to all the footage that is being shot by the drone and you will be the first person to actually witness it through the DJI goggles. There is a camera mounted on the front of the drone and you receive all the shots from that camera in your goggles. 

These goggles are pretty much capable of giving you the 3D feeling as it can make you feel that you are sitting inside the drone and flying it yourself. Just like the kids wear it in the 3D motion rides and goggles that are used in cinemas are somehow like these. This is basically a virtual reality getting its job done with the help of a drone to make things even more interesting.

Footage & Control: 

These brilliant goggles are responsible for keeping you monitored about a couple of things such as the battery status, settings of the camera, flight timing, flight mode, and connectivity options as well. However, you are still going to need the DJI drone controller in order to use these goggles to the best of its potential. 

The good news is that the company has also solved this problem to an extent. They have introduced some typical functions that are helpful when you want to continue without using a phone or any other external device.

All of the above-mentioned settings can be monitored through the devices’ settings in the menu and you are also going to get a nice little touchpad on the right side of the goggles hence, making things a lot easier for you.


You must have witnessed the Sony Play station VR headset on a number of occasions and how it works. Similarly, the DJI goggles are also quite similar to the VR headset of the Play Station because it somehow puts you in the same place to witness the action yourself. 

However, if you are looking for a user-friendly and compatible experience of VR then it can be felt that the DJI goggles are much more comfortable and easy to use compared to the VR headset of Sony Play station because they cover your entire face and puts you in an uncomfortable position. 

On the other hand, the DJI goggles are easy to wear and you can also enjoy its services for a longer period of time without feeling any pain or itching in your head. It’s a comfortable device to wear if we put it simply.

Internal features: 

If we talk about its internal features then, first we should talk about its internal display. You are going to get an amazing viewing experience with Full HD image in front of both your eyes and the mutual resolution of 1080p display is going to simply blow you away.

The company is using the OcuSync technology that is used in drones for connecting with goggles. The DJI Mavic Pro has the ability to connect with a pair of DJI goggles at the same time and therefore, it leaves no stone unearthed when you talk about quality and Full HD live streaming with almost 720p display on both goggles. 

The company describes the internal display and its experience as a brilliant way of keeping a close look at what is being shot and captured for you. However, you’d still need to be careful and professional when you’re using these goggles because you don’t want to miss important and intricate details while keeping yourself busy in the amazing display that it gives you.

One of its most notable and important features is that it comes with the ability to control the movement of your drone by moving your head in the direction you want your drone to go. This is possible but we still feel that a remote control pilot is going to be much more effective than this particular method. It is because you won’t be able to control the entire drone with your head movement and it is only possible to an extent.

Legal issues: 

We have talked about some of the important and worth-mentioning features of this device and it is also important to let you know about a few setbacks. Drones are legal to fly in most of the countries around the world but flying the drones with goggles hasn’t been legalized yet. 

Therefore, if you are looking to use these goggles more often then you will have to find a suitable and legal space for it. 

Rules regarding flying drones in most of the countries say that the pilot should be watching the drone physically from a certain distance when flying. It is pretty obvious to say that with goggles, you won’t be able to keep a physical check on your drone. 


  • Makes life easier for you
  • Gives you HD FPV display 
  • Comfortably sits on your head 


  • Not legal to use in most of the countries 

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Are DJI goggles worth it?

Answer: Most of the people on the internet say yes.

What can you do with DJI goggles?

Answer: You can fly the Mavic Pro, connect to PC, Play games, and much more. 


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