Best Mini Drones Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

These best Mini drones are multi-purpose devices used for entertainment, photography, racing, and even security. A mini drone differs from a regular drone in terms of size, functionality, and affordability. Due to its size, the miniature drone possesses limited features and is cheaper than a regular drone.

Well, are drones new to you? Do you find the specifications and features confusing? Well, if so, you are not alone. A majority of people who step into the world of drones for the first time experience a similar state-of-mind. 

But, with us, you need not worry anymore! We have conducted in-depth research and articulated a collection of the 5-best mini drones. Read more to unravel!  

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone 

Are you in hunt of a reliable and efficient mini drone? Well, then the Potensic upgraded A20 mini drone is an idealistic option! According to the manufacturer, the drone is the size of an iPhone5. Plus, it has a lightweight construction. Thus, the size, coupled with the weight, makes the Potensic mini drone quite portable. You can carry it anywhere anytime!

The product comes along with two drone rechargeable batteries. You can detach these batteries and charge them using a USB cable. As an energy-efficient product, these batteries consume only 0.64-Watts.  However, the drone offers a total run-time of only 12-minutes. So, you can use the drone for a shorter time.  

Furthermore, the Potensic upgraded A20 mini drone has a 3-speed adjustment option. Thus, pilots of all levels (beginner to advanced) can benefit from this remarkable mini drone. 

The Headless Spinning feature disables the drone sense of poles (N, S, W, and E). Hence, one can fly the drone in all directions conveniently.  There is also an Altitude hold option that locks the drone in one place. With the option enabled, the drone will not fly anywhere else.  


  •   Portable 
  •   Rechargeable battery 
  •   3-speed adjustments 
  •   Altitude hold   
  •   Headless Spinning feature   


  •   The total run-time of 12-minutes 
  •   Slightly expensive  

Cheerson CX-10C Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Nano RC Quadcopter

Did you know that you can even capture photos and record videos with a mini drone? The Cheerson CX-10C mini quadcopter is here to prove it to you.

This phenomenal mini drone features a 0.3 Megapixel camera with which you can capture a good quality picture as well as videos. However, you must remember that the maximum length of your video can be of 2.5-4 minutes, as that’s the maximum flight time of this mini drone. Some users have also suggested that the flight time can get extended to 5-7 minutes.

Furthermore, this 4-channel mini quadcopter comes with an LED light to help navigation and flight of drone easier in the night time. With the help of its remote control, you can move it up, down, right, left, hover, and flip it in the air. What’s more, you can even practice launching it with hand.

Manufactured from ABS material and equipped with lightweight but efficient components, this mini drone weighs only 15 grams. Thus, it’s easy to carry and handle for both adults and children.


  • Equipped with LED light
  • Available in two colors 
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions
  • Good quality camera


  • Some users have reported durability concerns
  • Transmitter batteries not included

DROCON Mini Drone 

If you are seeking an entertaining, safe, and integrated mini drone for all age groups, then the DROCON Mini Drone is the perfect option. With several remarkable features at an affordable price, there is no wonder that the product has gained ranking amongst the 5-best mini drones!

The DROCON Mini Drone has a durable and sturdy build. It has high-quality guards around its fans that make it safe for children to use. You can fold it and place it in the controller for portability. 

Similar to other products, it has the altitude hold and 3-speed adjustment features for increased versatility. It has some unique specifications, such as the self-rotating option. With this enabled, the drone will constantly fly in loops of 360-degrees. 

Also, by holding the control to the right for a few seconds, the DROCON mini drone will perform entertaining stunts for your friends and family. It will flip, turn, and do lots of fun things!


  • Foldable and portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Self-rotating feature 
  • Altitude hold
  • Headless Spinning feature
  • Performs stunts 
  • 3-speeds adjustments  
  • Two charging methods 


  • The total run-time of 5-minutes

 DasMikro Drone 

DasMikro Drone perfectly demonstrates the heights of versatility. Since this drone got manufactured from top-notch quality plastic, it does not have much weight and can withstand collisions

The company has not efficiently engineered the product but also gave it an appealing exterior. Thus, adding greater joy to your drone-flying time. 

You can even control the speed of this mini drone. Decide for yourself where it goes with its remote control and determine at which speed, i.e., slow, medium, or fast.

Additionally, experiment with its 360° rolling function and show off your cool gadget in friends and family. It certainly serves as an exciting gift item for young drone-enthusiasts.

According to a user, it takes minimal time to charge but offers a good flight time. For example, a 60-second charge will give 4-5 minutes.


  • Attractive Design
  • Durable
  • 360° Rolling Function
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Safe for kids


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Slightly difficult to learn

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone is an excellent choice for drone racing and outdoor use. Compact and sturdy, this mini racing drone a creative bumble bee exterior that looks attractive. However, it is a slightly heavier construction when compared to other products.

Note, the company has manufactured the Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone with professional, racing, and outdoor use in focus. It has features that augment its performance and durability. However, it is certainly not suitable for children or indoor family use. 

Although the drone has no altitude hold feature, it exhibits a stable and swift flight. Also, it can fly at 50km/hr, which is incredibly fast for a mini drone. It has a longer flight time as the racing mini drone operates with Li-Po battery. For further enhancement, the drone has a headless spinning mode. Moreover, the drone can also perform 3-D stunts and flips to amaze your audience.


    • For professional use 
    • High-speed and stability 
    • Longer flight time 
    • Li-Po battery 
    • Headless mode
    • 3-D flips 
    • Comes with two battery modules, notebook, and USB charging cable


    • Not suitable for children
    • No altitude hold


Hubsan H107C+ HD Drone

It is a remarkable Ready-to-fly camera drone. Phenomenal air-borne experience is all set to be experienced by its bearer. It has a fine flight feature plus flips on command. It is equipped with a 720P HD camera that is capable of capturing the state of the art videos with incredible quality also static photos that can be uploaded as well. It has adopted 2.4G technology to have clear photos allowing anti-interference and stream-line videography. It allows perfectly stable flights with a super rechargeable battery. A USB charging cable is also provided with the package to be recharged with your PCs. 


  • It can fly on dark-mode
  • it is provided with pre-installed and easy to remove propeller guards
  • It has an Autonomous Hover and Positioning system
  • high performance


  • It cannot work well in windy conditions
  • Longer battery charging time

Hubsan X4 H107L Mini RC Quadcopter

This quad-copter has a hydrodynamic design that best suits any environment. It has 6 Axis Gyro which allows the latest 6-axis flight control with 360ᵒ flips and rollovers. It has a built-in LED system situated on the propellers to provide the Rotor protection Guard system. 

It has a light-weight frame with only 600 grams weight which allows automatic take-offs too.  For remote distance controls, it is provided with spread spectrum technology which is also suitable for anti-interference. The remote control can range from over 100 meters which are super awesome. 


  • Low battery charging time
  • Has excellent flight autonomy
  • Appropriate for indoor navigation


  • Spare parts cannot be found easily
  • Videos can’t be viewed in real-time
  • The lens is too narrow

Altair AA108 Camera Drone

It is a stunning 720P camera drone for some real-time video. It comes with a 120ᵒ Wide-angle 720P HD camera for taking some jaw-dropping photos right from your phone. It has a Head-less mode, for high altitude holds and last but not the least single-button take-off and landing feature which makes it super handy for even beginners. It possesses Custom Route mode too which makes it exciting and extremely easy to monitor the flight on your smartphone without a single click. It comes with an Advanced Remote control technology that excludes the use of your phone to monitor the drone. 


  • Out-of-Range alarm
  • Low-battery alarm
  • Emergency landing system
  • Best gifts for beginners or even kids
  • It has an extra flight time
  • Double-battery feature


  • The propellers are exposed and so are prone to any damages
  • There are no labels on the control buttons

DJI Tello Quadcopter Beginner Drone

It is a Quadcopter drone empowered with DJI technology. It is equipped with some intuitive controls that make it not any difficult drone to control. DJI flight technology makes it an incredible device for steady flights. It has a High-quality image processor that ensures a marvelous photoshoot experience. Moreover, the photo capturing technology plus videography comes with EZ Shots technology. It comes with 100m image transmission distance with 2 smart switch antennas for amazing control and navigation.


  • High flight time
  • 8D flips
  • High-quality image processor


  • The lens is too narrow 
  • Too many flips and stunts may cause battery drainage fast

DJI Mavic Mini- Drone FlyCam 

It is a powerful but compact Mavic Mini camera drone that makes it an effortlessly great companion for your expeditions. It can support 12MP aerial photos plus 2.7K HD videos. As it weighs only 250grams you can easily fly it without even registration in the US and Canada. It possesses 3-axis motorized gimbal which provides ultra-fine footage and smooth videos. Its best feature could be longer than usual flight time that is no less than 30 minutes in the air. Isn’t it amazing!

It comes with some awesome set of accessories which include: Charging base, DJI mini bag, DIY Creative Kit, and Two-way charging hub. The charging base needs to be purchased separately and Mini Bag is so handy for everyday use. The best feature of the charging hub is that it can prove to be a powerful bank to charge your mobile device as well.


  • Easy to use with a snap-adapter
  • It can take really quick shots
  • It has less battery charging time
  • It can discover popular spots


  • It cannot work up to the mark in breezy weather
  • Accessories are pretty expensive

Buying guide

Why Choose a Nano or Mini Drone?

Questions like why and should I form a major component of the shopping cycle, especially if you spend calculatedly. The pressure of such questions seems to intensify when one’s purchasing gadgets like mini-drones for the first time.

But worry not! For we are here to hush away all your doubts and queries. We are here to provide you with a clear vision rather than merely listing the best mini drones in the market. 

Now, here comes the question, why should one purchase a mini or Nano drone? Or, more accurately, is a small drone better than a big drone?

Well, that depends mostly on your use and experience. But here are some all-embracing, ultimate reasons as to why you should prefer buying a mini drone:


Primarily, the most obvious benefit of purchasing a mini drone is that it costs much less than a large-sized drone. So, if you are shopping on a budget or would remain unable to invest in this newly found interest for a long time, then it’s best to buy a mini drone instead of halting your plans.

Most mini drones will cost you only around 50 dollars. Although there are high-end mini-drones as well, there are some available for $50 and below that promise flagship-level performance! (Yes, you’ll find them in this guide for best mini drones!). On the contrary, big drones with reasonable quality will cost you quite a good amount of money.

Suitable for Indoor Use

Secondly, unlike the big drones, you can use the mini-drones inside the premises of your residence. Flying big drones indoors can cause damage to anyone or anything. Thus, they have restricted usage, and you may only be able to practice when outside.

Safe Purchase for Beginners

As mentioned earlier, mini drones are the best option for first-timers. If you have never handled a drone before but would like to try a hand at it, then it’s better, to begin with, mini drones. That’s because understanding mini drones are easier in comparison to big drones. Also, since they are cheaper, you will not face heavy financial losses in case of damages.

No Registration Required

According to legal laws, there’s no registration required for drones that weigh less than 0.55 pounds. Most mini drones weigh below that. Thus, saving you the time and energy invested in getting a gadget registered.

Easy to carry and store

Lastly, as a small-sized gadget, a mini drone will occupy much small space in your gear. You can carry it almost anywhere, anytime. Moreover, unlike big drones, these will not demand additional care.

If you are the one who is just got tired of having bulky drones and is looking for something sleek and slender, you are just at the right place. Despite, the fact that mini-drones might not be as powerful as their huge counterparts but yes! Still, they can provide you with some extra-ordinary fun experience like a roller-coaster ride. People who love to travel and explore and are habitual of taking longer trips would probably adore carrying a small, easy to handle and light-weight drone with them for sure. 

Let’s just look into it and have the best experience ever!

5 features of Best Mini drones:

Stability overflight

As we are looking for a drone that has amazing video graphic features and an amazing picture quality, what if the drone is not stable in the air? Definitely we don’t want it anyway. So, stability is the first and foremost required feature of any drone out there. For this, appropriate propellers with built-in take-off and landing control are a must.

Safety of the device

Obstacle avoidance could be one of the best safety features that we all expect in our drones. As they fly independently over a remote control and if they got out of sight then what are the safety criteria for our device. Well, for this also we have got some great GPS stabilization as well as automated return-to-home feature. When the battery is down, the device detects it and returns to its point of flight and lands automatically.

LCD in the remote

This is probably one of the best features drone companies are providing at present. Obviously, you have to connect your smartphones to have a closer look to your drone but if an LCD is being provided in your remote control device you can surely boost your device performance and stability.

Double battery

Most mini-drones have a battery timing of 8-10 minutes over an hour overcharging time and that is quite a low offer for a tech-driven era. So, this problem is better compensated with a double battery feature. Now you don’t have to sit and wait for battery recharge simply mount both batteries and boost flight time to 20 minutes. Hurray!

Custom Flight mode

A very interesting feature that you must love to try when everyone is executing their chores but still wants to have some fun time. Of course, it is possible. You just have to switch to the custom flight Routing mode in your device and you are all set! Just sit on your sofa or even keep doing your important stuff and witness the automatic flight that your device will operate on and will give you an exceptional experience of videography that you ever wished and the best part is you don’t even have to do a single move for this ultimate adventure. 


It is far more effortless and unchallenging to fly the best mini drone in closed environments like in small rooms to capture in-door parties or weddings rather than regular drones that turn out to be quite disturbing due to their awkward propeller sound. 

Moreover, mini drones are always cheap and more straightforward to handle. Even these have won multiple awards due to their device compatibility, HD cameras, and no harm features. You should have a closer look at all of the mini drones on our list of 5 Topmost Mini drones and be contended that your purchase is going to be worth it!


Can two drones be flown at the same time?

Ans. Yes! It’s totally possible but not recommended. As drones may not have anti-interference technology in them so can collide and cause damages.

Do you need a WIFI connection to fly a drone?

Ans. Yes! You do need a WIFI connection to fly it as it will be shown as a WIFI entity on your phone and through an app, you can control your drone pretty much easily.

By any means could Mini drones be better than the bulky one?

Ans. They could be no less than the huge drones. As they constitute all the best features and best HD cameras and less weight makes these best fit for the awesome snapping.

How mini-drones stand out in the crowd?

Ans. Mini drones probably be the best mini technology that you should have your hands on. As, these bring some professional features to the game, with low-pricing and amazing performance.

What is the common lifespan of a mini drone battery?

Well, the lifespan of a mini drone battery greatly varies with its capacity. The battery capacity is directly proportional to lifespan. Usually, a mini drone battery lasts 5-8 minutes. 

Do all mini drones have cameras?

No, all mini drones do not have a camera. However, a majority of high-quality professional mini drones do have a camera.

Is it necessary to purchase additional accessories for mini-drones?

Certainly not! You can purchase additional accessories for mini-drones if you want to enhance its performance and style. All the 5-best mini-drones listed above do not come with additional accessories. 


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