Best Long Range Drones Review & Buying Guide 2020

Since we have been talking about content creation of late and discussed some of the key elements and equipment requirements to produce good quality videos. The overall thing about personal and independent content is that you must look into intricate details and fill in each and every void that is there in your videos. 

Overall, there are a couple of key things that are really helpful when it comes to enhancing the quality of your videos. And the most attractive thing in a video these days is the drone shots. If you have beautiful drone shots in your video then you are more likely to attract a lot of audiences. 

In today’s other analytical review piece, we are going to talk about some of the best long-range drones that are available on the market. Long-range for a drone is extremely important because if you are looking to take extremely breathtaking shots then you’d need your drone to reach places that are hard to conquer. 

It’s pretty simple, long-range drones are more in demand and they are the way forward. If you are looking to buy yourself a good long-range drone then scroll down for the list of best long-range drones to buy. 

Best Long Range Drones 

1. DJI Mavic Air 2

When it comes to drone technology, the name of DJI Mavic comes out at the top for obvious reasons. They have been making a lot of good quality drones that were released in different series’ with a few changes in the names. 

If you’re looking for a rapid machine that comes with the quality of taking good quality shots at high resolutions and can also travel pretty far then this Mavic Air 2 should be your first priority hands down. It comes with the technology that is new and modern. The automated flight paths and object tracking system is also another additional luxury.

This amazing DJI Mavic Air 2 is coming with almost every required feature for a good long-range drone. It has good speed and very good battery life as well. Its amazing range to go far in the hills and deserts is pretty great and it also comes with a technology of obstacle avoidance. 

The price of this drone is a bit on the higher side as you would get it for around 800 dollars. It’s pretty much out of an average customer’s reach but the kind of quality that it provides, we’d say that it is worth every single penny.

This is one of the top-rated drones on various websites and the reviews of the customers are also pretty good and satisfactory. There is one little drawback and that is the avoidance system in this device. It doesn’t work perfectly on the side of the drone and you can sometimes crash it when you rely too much on this built-in technology. 

According to the claims of the company, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is capable of transmitting video from as far as 10 Kms. The 48MP image sensor is going to give you a perfect picture quality and you won’t be complaining about the minute details in the picture either. To most users, Mavic Air 2 is the drone. It reaches the sweet point of pricing efficiency.


  • Fast and strong
  • Good image quality
  • Reaches new heights 
  • 48MP image sensor


  • Obstacle avoidance technology is not entirely perfect

2. DJI Ma​​​​​vic 2 Pro

If you talk about a complete package overall in a long-range drone then we will perhaps take you to the Mavic 2 Pro by DJI. It comes with a large 20MP camera and its ability to record 4K video is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Imagine shooting with a Mavic 2 Pro on a nice island or deep inside a forest and then getting 4K images from a significant height. You are almost going to blow yourself away with the quality that Mavic 2 Pro provides. 

This is a device typically suited for professional pilots and content creators that are looking to get some high-quality shots. It can fly for just over 30 minutes and the ability to avoid obstacles is also there. The 44mph speed is also a pretty significant thing to consider in this device.

Another great quality of this long-range drone is that it comes with an 8km range and therefore it keeps you busy in only thinking about the quality of shots rather than thinking about signals getting dropped or the device going too far away.

There are many advantages of this DJI Mavic 2 Pro because it also has an internal storage of 8GB and you can also insert an SD card for additional 128GB memory. 

This is an extremely suitable device for all the professional content creators and especially videographers. You’d also get a landing pad along with external storage and camera filters as well. This Mavic 2 Pro has the ability to take your video content to the next level, simple as that.


  • Good flight time
  • 8 Km range
  • 20 MP camera with 4K video recording
  • Various flight modes
  • Portable device


  • Extremely expensive at well over $1000
  • Makes a lot of noise 

3. Autel Evo 2

We are talking about long-range drones and it is absolutely impossible to ignore the Autel Evo 2. It is perhaps the best long-range drone in this category because it overtakes the DJI Mavic 2 as well by a fair margin. 

The manufacturers believe that it is faster than the Mavic 2 and also goes 1 Km farther. These kinds of drones are known for their signature quality and regular flights. 

This amazing drone is in direct competition with the Mavic 2 because it comes with some breathtaking features and unbelievably good cameras and sensors. 

The Autel Evo is originally released in three different options whereas it has the ability to record up to 8k at 25fps and 4k at 60 fps. It can regularly fly for around 40 minutes and that is an incredible timing, to say the least. This is the best timing for a drone in all of the devices that we have covered so far. 

If you’re looking for a drone that is going to complete your content library with some breathtaking footage then the Autel Evo 2 is going to be a really good choice for you. Most of the professional content creators and videographers have rated this particular device very highly and we have no issue in admitting that it is one of the best long-range drones available at the market. 


  • 4K and 8K video 
  • Compact design
  • Great battery life
  • Dozen cameras for obstacle avoidance
  • It comes with a transmitter and screen


  • The design and build quality is a bit heavy
  • Won’t be easy to carry around

4. Cheerwing W1PRO GPS

If you’re looking for a delightful and thrilling experience with your drone flights then you must consider this little Cheerwing W1PRO that comes with two cameras. It has a 1080p HD front camera along with a 720p bottom camera. This device also supports the 5G WiFi FPV along with on-the-spot transmission. 

You won’t face any major troubles as far as its positioning and flight issues are concerned. It has the ability to give you amazing quality along with very less complications. You can simply call it back by pressing one key if it goes out of your eyesight and the battery timing is also pretty good. 

The automatic capturing of photos and videos is going to excite a lot of customers and this drone also comes with the ability to follow you wherever you go. This feature comes in the GPS mode.

This enthralling long-range drone is an absolute treat to fly because it comes pretty easy functions and landing features. With its altitude hold and single-key take-off is going to make it more appropriate for beginners and amateurs of this field. 

You are going to get a surround flight in GPS  mode and dual battery system for long flights. The maximum flight time is 18 minutes and we can safely say that this drone is an extremely recommended choice for all the kids, amateurs, and even professionals working content creators.


  • Affordable 
  • Follow-me technology 
  • Easy and user friendly 
  • Dual cameras and dual batteries 


  • Customers complain about WiFi compatibility 
  • Camera picture can freeze according to some customers 

5. DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Another amazingly talented performer from the long list of DJI Mavics is the Phantom 4 PRO and this particular device has been marketed by the company as a prosumer. 

There is no difficulties making this fly with ease and it is going to give you an impressive 7 km flight range. It can fly up to 30 minutes at the maximum speed of 45 mph and it also has the ability to enhance its performance in ideal situations. 

You would find it extremely easy to control this device because the Remote Control and its vibrant 5.5-inch integrated screen helps you a lot. Under a bright and sunny afternoon, this drone is going to blow you away with its powerful performance.

We can’t talk enough about its user-friendly nature because the company has made sure that the DJI GO app is also available on the remote control. In this way, you’d be able to optimize both hardware and software of the device at the same time. This app will also allow you to edit and share your recordings on the spot. 

It is coming with a built-in Lightbridge HD video televising service and it is also compatible with dual frequencies of 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz. It is important to note that the first frequency of 5.8GHz is more suitable for mainstream and urban areas whereas the 2.4GHz frequency is good for flying in wide and open environments. You are going to record your videos in 4K quality because it can process this much and it also has an integrated 1-inch 20MP compressor. It also has a unique five-direction obstacle avoidance technology. 


  • Flight time is long
  • It will return home automatically with return-to-home feature
  • Front and back obstacle avoidance
  • 24mm lens
  • 4K Video at 60 fps


  • Batteries are expensive
  • The device is well over 1000 dollars range
  • You’d separately need a smartphone or tablet for controlling the camera

6. JJRC X5 

We thought it would be nice to add some drones with long-range from other companies besides DJI Mavic. So we are here with another pretty advanced piece of machine that goes by the name of JJRC X5. 

It comes with a beautiful and stylish look and packs a 2K camera with three different and unique flight modes. The device is pretty user-friendly and comes with a flight time of almost 18 minutes. 

The design is pretty lightweight and compact and the brushless motors of this drone give it more power and accuracy in its performance. The JJRC X5 is a brilliant professional long-range drone and it is a rather easy-to-use machine compared to other drones on this list.

This company has been making huge strides in the field of Remote Control toys and they have also produced and manufactured some pretty amazing long-range drones. Most of their drones are specified for kids and amateurs but they do produce some high-end premium devices such as the JJRC X5.

The good thing about this drone is that it produces quality and performance both at a very affordable price range. It comes with a flight timing of 18 minutes but that is very less time to fully enjoy the services and magic of this drone. Therefore, you must add a few extra batteries for extra flying time. At the purchase, you are going to get an extra battery as well.


  • 2K video
  • Unique flight modes
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Flight timing of 18 minutes


  • It can lose connection at 50-60 yards
  • Not ‘worth’ the money according to some customers 

7. Hubsan H501S

Another pretty decent and affordable device that goes by the name of Hubsan H501S has made it to our list of best drones for long-range. It comes with attractive 19-minute flight time and the range of 300m is also pretty decent, if not good. 

Just like the aforementioned device, the H501S also comes with brushless motors that give more efficiency and power to the device. As far as the picture and video quality is concerned, you are going to get 1080p video quality and it also has a GPS hold and return-to-home feature just like the above-mentioned drones. 

It also has self-directed flight modes that follow the user itself. This device from Hubsan is one of the cheapest drones available on the market and it comes with the amazing ability to follow and shoot videos on the spot. It is an easy device to use even if you’re an amateur or a beginner in this field. 

It is a drone that will give you stylish looks along with some extremely mind-blowing features and an HD camera along with a Remote controller. It also has a built-in 4.3 inch LCD display and therefore, you are going to need a smartphone in order to use the FPV features of this machine. 

This is not something common in all other drones and its dual GPS modules are extremely handy when it comes to accurate positioning of the device. 

It also comes with independent flight modes and you are going to get a good flight time of around 20 minutes. This device was released a couple of years ago but it is still pretty famous at its services. It is an extremely affordable and great HD camera drone.


  • Dual GPS mode
  • Good flight time
  • 1080p result
  • Self-directed flight modes
  • Affordable


  • Can go all over the place sometimes 
  • The copter can become unstable

7. Holy Stone HS720

The last product that we’re going to review is another affordable and extremely good quality drone with HD camera and other notable features such as GPS mode, self-directed flight modes, and very reasonable and good flight time. 

The Holy Stone HS720 is an extremely good option for all the beginners and professionals as well that are looking to create quality content. The design and looks of this device are pretty stylish and we can’t stop admiring the designers behind this beautiful piece. 

It comes with a nice 2K camera and flight modes are pretty independent as well. This long-range drone is an awesome choice for all the content creators that are looking for a budget and user-friendly device.

This is the latest device from the company and we all know that DJI Mavics are the most popular when it comes to drones. 

However, everyone cannot afford the expensive Mavics that are coming at more than 1000 dollars and this is where products like the Holy Stone HS720 come into play. It comes with a high-quality video and produces almost similar results to that of high-end premium devices.

It is a foldable drone and the design is pretty compact and lightweight. The ABS plastic body of this drone is another additional luxury because it is going to save you from occasional hiccups and crashes. 

You’re going to get this drone for around 300 dollars and it will give you around 26 minutes of flight time. It comes with a 2800 mAh lipo battery and this new battery is doing a pretty great job to be honest.

It also comes with a remote controller and the central LCD displays relevant drone data, such as how far away the drone has traveled and you are also going to witness the battery level, speed and GPS data at once.


  • 2K video recording
  • Foldable design
  • Affordable 
  • Good flight time of 26-minutes
  • Dual GPS 
  • Self-directed flight modes


  • Takes a lot of time to recharge (6 to 7 hours)

Buyer guide:

This was the list of some of the best long-range drones that are available on the market currently. However, there are still some things that are necessary to keep in mind before buying a new drone. Here’s the list of mandatory things that must be considered.

Video quality:

We have reviewed both professional and amateur drones with long-range and one of the key features for a good drone is the video quality. 

We have presented drones with 8K and 4K video quality whereas there are also some devices that are giving you 720p result. Therefore, in order to take your content to reach the maximum audience, you are going to need a drone with a good camera and video quality. 

Flight time: 

Another extremely important thing to consider before buying a drone is flight time. Professional drones come with more than 35 minutes of flight time whereas an average drone is going to give you around 25 to 30 minutes. Flight time is important because the user must know about it before completing his required and desired shots on time. 

Battery life:

Battery life is another important factor when it comes to drones. Some of the drones come with a decent battery life whereas some of the cheap products will fail to capture the required footage on time because of low battery. Therefore, you must consider a drone with good battery timing. 


How far away can a drone fly from its controller?

Answer: 400 feet is the legal height for any drone.

What is the best drone for 2020?

Answer: Most of the people prefer DJI Mavics such as Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 Pro, and Phantom 4.

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