Best Drones with Camera under $500 – Review & Buying Guide

Drones are the single best piece of technology anyone can get his or her hands on. But why is that?

Drones are devices that can be used to fly your camera as high up as it will go! This provides a stunning aerial view to the camera placed inside the drone, and allows one to capture stellar media that is not only holistic in its content but also a pleasure to watch! 

However, this is not all that drones can do. Your special monitoring can ensure that the drone is in a position that is safe, in addition to a safety mechanism in it. The drone is capable of saving its own self, despite what we used to believe to be impossible! In addition to this, several drones can come with headgear that allows you to feel the wind in your wings too; this stimulates you into feeling like you are the one who is in the air rather than the drone! Isn’t this simply amazing? 

Further features can include the incorporation of a GPA that allows you to traverse over distances far and wide without ever getting lost. In addition to this, drones can support the live transmission of its footage to your cell phones, laptops or any other technological device that can support it. This is often done through an app suggested by the manufacturers of the drone. 

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with some of the basic functions of a drone, let us discuss why these functions are needed. 

In order to assist you in your purchase, we have decided to review some of the best options available in the market. Hopefully, this will help you make a good decision. 

Let us have a look at the best drones with camera under $500

1.Snapstain SP600 

Do you want to own an extremely smart piece of technology? Look no further because it cannot get better than this. The Snapstain SP600 can be used in a variety of ways that were thought to be impossible before! For starters, you can control your drone from a distance- without the need of remote control. This means that you can use alternative methods in its place. For instance, you can simply draw the path of the drone that you want it to fly over in the app that supports the drone, and it will respond to your command and fly over the region. Magical right? But it does not end there. It can also be controlled through voice, by communicating with the drone and speaking instructions to it. It is also sensitive to gestures, for instance, if you are camera ready, and posing, it will take a picture automatically! The drone can transmit real-time footage to your device. It has multiple speeds at which it operates and has safety features such as a button that allows its automatic return with a simple touch. It also has a stability features in the form of the six-axis gyroscope that it contains. It has a battery life of nearly sixteen minutes and a 720 p camera. 


  • It is really easy to operate. 
  • Its battery life is good. 
  • The control features are great and extremely progressive. 


  • Some parts, such as the propellers, may break easily. 

2. Altair Aerial 

If you want a drone that is not only incredibly high quality and features wise, but also comes at a great price then this is the one that you should have your eyes on! It exists quite like a professional drone and gives you a lot of the same features as they do. For starters, it provides you with outstanding control over it that can only be found in professional drones. It also works smoothly and does not contain and disruptions like an amateur drone would. 

 It does not end at that, however. This is a drone that is extremely resistant to harsh conditions; for instance, it can work quite well in extremely windy or stormy weather. Do you worry about your drone functioning in harsh weather conditions such as turbulent winds and rain? Worry no more, because this drone is built to withstand such conditions. It has a battery life of around 20 minutes and can go as high as 600 meters, until reaching its limit. It can also support the transmission of live video through a WiFi. 


  • It is akin to a professional drone. 
  • It has great control. 
  • It can resist harsh weather conditions. 


  • It can take too long a time to charge. 

3. Mavic Mini – ​​DJI

This device works like a charm and is on the wish list of many people who are familiar with drones. It is a small drone that can be operated with sufficient ease. It is also easy to travel with due to this reason, coupled with the fact that it is extremely lightweight and can be used easily. 

It has downward vision sensors that allow you to use it to the fullest, without any unstable flight. The drone has a camera with a media quality of about 1080 p. As for pictures, it can handle a file size of around 12 MP. It has a battery that can function for nearly 30 minutes, which is an impressive amount of time. The drone can fly for four kilometers in any given direction and is stabilized through the effect of a downward vision. 


  • It has a long life. 
  • It is small. 
  • It is light in weight. 


  • It does not contain accessories with it. 

4. Traxxas Aton Plus

If you seek a professional camera and quality, then this drone is yet again a perfect option for you. However, it is not that user friendly for beginners so perhaps they are better off with a different option. 

This particular drone has a battery life of nearly 20 minutes which is an extremely good time rating. Furthermore, it comes with three different kinds of modes of flight, providing you with the opportunity to use it in varying degrees for various functions. This drone is seemingly perfect, save for the drawback that it cannot travel for more than 300 meters high. 


  • It has a great battery. 
  • It has multiple flight modes. 
  • It comes with excellent features. 


  • Its flight distance is quite restricted. 

5. Altair Outlaw SE

This particular drone and its company need to applaud for the vast amount of help and resources that they provide. For instance, they aid with guide books and videos and so much more. In fact, they take their user almost step by step and break it down for them completely. 

The video quality of the camera ranges at 1080 p. It has a GPS system that allows you to locate its presence and to fly it over distances without any fear or worry. The battery of the drone can withstand nearly 20 minutes before dying. It comes with a simple mechanism to help it land and fly, through the touch of one button alone. In addition to this, the drone can fly as high as 600 meters, but not beyond that. 


  • It has a great battery. 
  • It is really user friendly.
  • It is a good option for beginners.  


  • It has a limited distance of the flight. 

6. DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone 

This drone is just perfect for the family, as it is easy to use for children and adults alike! You are surely bound towards a great bonding time with your family over it. In addition to this, the drone can assist you in learning to code for the normal functions of the drone, which is an immeasurable skill to have. 

This drone supports video quality of nearly 720p and a processor of images that also comes at a good quality. The drone is supported by a Virtual Reality headset that can be used to stimulate you into feeling like you are the one flying rather than the drone. It comes with antennas that ensure a clear broadcast of the footage. It has a battery life of just 10 minutes though. 


  • This device is great for beginners. 
  • It can be used indoors. 
  • The image processor is great. 


  • Issues may arise in the motor. 

7. Hubsan Zino 4K Drone

This drone is extremely useful due to its wide range of distance over which it can travel. It can travel to nearly 2 and half kilometers in any given direction, without letting you down in regard to its quality for even a second! 

This drone can make media at a quality of 4K, which is just astounding. It has a battery life of about 25 minutes. The drone can transmit its footage in a single stream without any interruptions at all. This one will not let you down! 


  • It captures videos in 4K. 
  • It has a great battery. 
  • It has a good travel range. 


  • It cannot detect obstructions and hence can damage through collision. 

8. DJI Phantom 3

Are you looking for a professional camera yet again? Go no further because this is also an extremely perfect option for you. It has stellar quality, capturing videos at about 720 p and a 3 axis camera supporting 4K and provide spotless media. It supports the transmission of live footage at equally perfect quality. 

The drone comes with a number of safety options built-in place, for instance, it has a list of places that it would be risky to fly over and comes with sensors that are ultrasonic in nature and can detect every little disruption that comes in the path of the drone. It also comes with a GPS that provides quite an impressive range of accurate information. 


  • It has good safety features. 
  • It is small and durable. 
  • It is easy to use. 


  • The battery may be quick to drain. 

9. Force1 F100GP

 This drone is absolutely perfect for beginners who have no prior knowledge of operating a drone. It is extremely user friendly and hence easy to operate. 

This drone comes at quality of 1080 p which is quite impressive for a beginner’s drone. It has a battery life ranging to nearly 25 to 30 minutes which is also an extremely outstanding feature. The drone possesses gear that helps it land and protects it from damage while it is in its aerial flight mode, saving it from any hindrances in its path. It has a strong motor that allows it to have a longer flight time than usual, while also being faster than most drones. 


  • It is easy to figure out and use. 
  • It is great for beginners. 
  • It has an outstanding motor. 
  • It has a great battery. 


  • It is easy to lose track of it over a long distance. 

10. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Starters Bundle (Alpine White)

This drone is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage, both! It can be a great option whether you are a beginner or not. The drone is built in a way lightweight structure and is hence, extremely easy to fly. It is also really easy to figure out and use. 

The drone comes with a video quality of about 1080 p and an image processor that captures media of around 12 MP. In addition to this, it has a flight time of 15 minutes. This drone comes with a great GPS that allows you to go over long distances without getting lost! In order to protect it from damage, it has a three-dimensional system for the detection of any obstruction in its path. This is a great safety feature that saves it from a lot of harm. It comes with an excellent SD card. 


  • It is easy to use. 
  • It has a good safety feature. 
  • The SD card is great. 


  • It can stop functioning after some time has passed. 

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have seen some of the best products in the market at the current time, the range of pros and cons are quite easy to distinguish. You may have developed a sound knowledge of what to look for in a drone, but still, be confused as per the broader range of features that you should look for. 

The Significance of Drones

Imagine that you are a cameraman at an event. You are trying your best to try to cover as much footage as you can from the ground. However, that is still not enough and you have a feeling that, although the footage would look great on camera, it would not look amazing. This can be a dilemma. But what to do about it? This is a perfect time to introduce a drone into your methods of capturing the media. Through it, you can add all the spice you need to the multimedia that you are recording! 

Drones provide you with angles that were thought to be impossible to capture media in! They can be operated to incorporate all of these unique techniques and make your video or photography the talk of the town! 

More often than not, drones can capture media that normal cameras are unable to capture on foot. For instance, an aerial view of an event can bring into view multiple people and their particular actions during the said event, hence revealing more details that an average camera could not have done through its limited movement. 

In addition to this, drones can be used in crowded areas where it can be difficult to get a shot on foot. The advantage of this would be that you could broadcast footage of the gathering, for instance, a concert, if you are a newsperson, or you could capture a crowded wedding, and edit it into the video you make to show how grand it was. Not only this but in crowded areas, drones can help you reach your target area in a much quicker and easier way than on foot. 

Now that we know how and why a drone is used, you all may realize that it has invaluable benefits in our lives. We can capture events close to our heart or for business purposes, in a way that is entirely unique and mesmerizing! 

However, although a drone is a great device to buy, it is also an extremely hard one to choose. The marketplace is saturated with potential options for drones that do not only have good features but come at a reasonable price too, and, therefore, it can be mind-boggling to try and opt for one of them through this range of selection. It can be even more confusing when you do not get a proper guide on their details and particular functions. 

Well, do not worry because we have got you covered! In this guide, we have listed all the bulky features of a drone that you need to look out for when making the purchase. In fact, it would not be a stretch to state that you should make your purchase based on these features, in addition to your own usage and preference of course! 

Without further ado, let us take a look at these important features. 

Good Battery Life

What is the point of your drone if you cannot capture media for a continuous period of time without any disturbance from its battery life? For those who are into serious photography or filmmaking, we suggest that you look for drones with longer battery life, otherwise your process would just be hindered by this. 

Good Flight Range

The drone must be able to cover a good amount of distance. If it does not do so, you will only be limited to a small space and will have to capture your media in that alone. For the best shots, supporting multiple angles and long shots, opt for a drone that has a long-range. 

Good Camera Quality

Let us not forget the camera! It is very important to have a good camera quality of at least 720p, otherwise, what’s the point of the drone that you have bought? The images will come out foggy and grainy if the quality is below this, defeating the entire purpose of shots from the drone. We highly recommend you to check the camera quality before you make the purchase as it is one of the most important features. 

Good Safety Features

Exposing your drone to the elements in the air can be extremely risky. Even if you track it through a GPS, you do not know when or where it might face a hindrance in its path and collide with it, hence, facing varying extents of damage. There needs to be an object detection method installed in the drone, otherwise, it is at great risk of getting damaged and letting your money go to waste. Kindly look up its safety features before you make the purchase. 

Now, let us answer some of your commonly asked questions. 


Are these drones friendly for beginners? 

Yes! They are made extremely easy and simple in their function so as to assist beginners in learning how to fly in very little time! You’d be impressed by the results. 

Do these drones have instructions? 

Absolutely! Pretty much every drone in our list comes with a user-friendly instruction manual along with extra features of assistance such as online videos and step by step guidelines. You will not find it difficult to figure out any of these drones with the amount of help that they provide! 

Can I fly a drone indoors?

Yes, you can. There are multiple drones in our review that support indoor flying mechanism and come with added protection for all the indoor obstacles that it may face. You cannot find it hard to fly indoors with such features! 


We understand that it can be extremely difficult for you to purchase the best drones with camera under $500 given the huge number of options in the market, but we hope that our review and guide helps you shake off your confusion and aid in your decision! We wish you a great buying process. Good luck! 

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