10 Best Drones Under $200 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

Drones are so fun to use. The best drones under 200$ are very famous because they are not only cheap but also have a decent quality like the costly drones. They are light in weight and good for newbies too.  

Are you a person who is fond of using new technologies and recently you saw one of your friends flying his amazing drone and it provoked you to buy an awesome one for you then you are in the right place. 

Because we have lined up some of the interesting drones for people like you who are beginners but don’t worry if you are a professional, they are simply perfect for professional use as well so have a look at them so you can get clear in your decision that which one is made for you.

Best Drones Under $200 — UPDATED PICKS

1. Altair Ariel AA818 Hornet Drone:

Altair 818 is a drone perfect for children yet equally liked by adults. It is available in two batteries and each battery works for 15 minutes. So before recharging, you can enjoy 2 flights at a time.

This drone is user friendly, whether you want to fly it or every member of your family is having the wish to fly a drone, this alone is perfect for everyone’s use. Altair 818 has the hovering feature, moreover, it can be handled easily with one button for landing and take-off so it’s quite simple to use.

The weather hinders sometimes you pursue your hobby of flying a drone but if you have Altair 818 then no worries. Because you can fly it indoors and have fun. In fact, at a low price, it is the best choice ever. Furthermore, it takes perfect shots in windy weather as well. Without using a joystick it maintains the altitude. Thus it is perfect for beginners and professionals.


  • Useful for people of every age.
  • Available in two batteries.
  • It can be used indoors.
  • Provides stable flight
  • Low price


  • Buttons at the back of the controller cause issue for beginners.
  • Used to recharge after every flight.

2. Altair Aerial AA 108:

If you want to enjoy the long flight without having the tension of recharging the battery then Altair Aerial AA 108 is there to satisfy you. The beginners, experts, and even mediocre can enjoy its flight.

The features it contains are making it a desirable drone for everyone because it contains headless mode and one button for take-off and landing. One button brings ease for beginners. Its wide-angle camera can catch the view of birds’ eyes and perfect for an aerial view. Once you connect your Altair Aerial AA 108 with the ‘Flyingsee App’ then you can enjoy more features along with designing your custom route.

You can fly your drone for 7-10 minutes. Because it has two batteries then freely fly your drone. Its hovering feature is quite better than competitors within this range of price. And this feature makes it easy for your drone to capture every detail of the view ahead.


  • Available in two batteries.
  • It provides three skill levels.
  • An amazing flight with hovering feature.
  • The best choice for every age.


  • New users find it difficult to handle.

3. Force1 U45W Blue Jay:

The beginners who want to learn how to fly a drone but still they don’t want to waste their money because they make broke their drone then this is the one you will not break but will learn and enjoy flying.

What makes it a beginner’s friend is its 6- Axis Gyro, headless mode and a single button for flight and landing.  You would fall in love with it when you would find it doing impressive stunts at 360 degrees and that it does with only your one button click. It flies with more stability and hovers to capture excellent views for you.

It contains a 4 GB SD card and an incredible remote transmitter. In gravity mode, you can use your phone to find the drone while flying and select the paths of your drone on your Android and iPhones.

This drone gives you a virtual view of its flight with the help of your phone and a VR headset. So enjoy every moment of its flight.


  • Specially designed for beginners
  • Additional USB battery charger
  • SD cards, spare propellers, and screwdrivers are provided with it.
  • Dual-battery 


  • Sometimes difficult to handle while landing

4. Holy Stone HS110:

Holy Stone HS110 is a fantastic drone just because it can be used by your phone, either Android or iPhone. So you can make a collection of amazing images and videos of nature using this drone.

By using the App interface on your phone you can easily control the flight and even operate the camera. You have to use a joystick to make it still stand in the air to capture quality videos and images.

If your drone went out of sight but still you have control over it by “One Key Return Home Function”. With a single click you get your drone back. Its 2.4 G technology helps the users to use more models at a time.

It is easy to handle and “Gravity Sensor Mode” is an exciting feature to handle the drone using your phone. Holding the phone horizontally helps to use this feature. This drone can be used at night because it has an LED lighting system enumerating it for you to enjoy its flight every time of the day.


  • 50 meters of video transmission range.
  • LED light for night use.
  • USB power charger.
  • To control the drone with the App.
  • Equipped with 12 new technologies


  • It takes a long time for charging.
  • The problem in using the return button

5. Holy Stone 1080P Camera Drone:

Today’s world is the era of modern pieces of equipment. If you are fond of making videos and taking images and looking for a drone with low price and high quality then definitely, Holy Stone 1080P drone is the one that better suits you. This is listed in the best drones under 200$ category.

It has an interesting feature of automatic altitude hold which enables it to sustain at its recent height so perfect position for taking images and making videos. Holy Stone is a full package of amazing features. The keys are easy to use like one key for start and stop and one key for return. The speed can be easily controlled and stopped in an emergency, even it works well in normal windy areas so what else is required when a drone is equipped with a bundle of surprises. The incredible lift power holds it firmly in the air.

The images are taken by connecting it with remote control. For new users, it can be a bit difficult to control but once practiced and experienced then you will enjoy playing with it.


  • It is available in a wide HD camera
  • Useful in mild windy areas
  • Has a bonus battery
  • Contains 4 GB memory card


  • Not useable for highly windy areas.
  • Difficult for new users to handle.

6. UDI RC U818A Discovery:

 An amazing drone for both the adults and children is the U818A drone.  One of the features that I found a bit unique in drones and liked the most is the bright LED’s flashlight when the battery is low. Once the batteries are charged then it takes a flight of 18 minutes.

All the essential tools are available with it like power bank, 2 rechargeable batteries, super-wide HD camera and SD card. You can set it to the pilot’s position during flying and make incredible videos and images.

If you are buying it with a fear that if it buy it but it is not the one you desired to fly so high and your precious money is wasted. Don’t think so and fly freely because a full refund would be provided if you find it not working properly.

You want to watch it stunts of 360 degrees, just press a button and see the magic of its rolls and flips. Headless mode can be used to keep it at the pilot’s position.


  • Easy to control.
  • LED lights for night fly and indicates low battery.
  • Designed to train the beginners.
  • Captures aerial view at 30 frames per second. 



  • Difficulty in using its flip feature.


7. Holy Stone F181C RC:

Whenever you want to master something, do start with a safer one. And if you want to start fly drone then that is a perfect option because it provides you a full grip over it. Its powerful batteries and motors provide you a long-lasting flying time to maximize your enjoyment.

It is helpful for beginners with its one key for return and headless mode prevents losing control. It can continuously roll from left to right and upside down. Battery flight time is between 7-9 minutes and takes 80 minutes for recharging.

You can enjoy new horizons of photography by its diverse angles. By holding the right button down, you can make awesome rolls in all the directions.

It is available in an incredible design with rotating blades and small gears for motors. You can easily understand how to use it by putting a glance at its user manual.


  • It shows 3D flips.
  • Beginners get trained easily.
  • Manageable orientation function in headless mode.
  • Easy landing.


  • Lacks FPV (First Person View).
  • It takes a bit more time to recharge.

8. Syma X8G Headless:

Syma X8G is a high-quality drone with an 8MP HD camera. It’s really easy to remove and attach to the Quadcopter. This drone is fully equipped with the latest technology giving it a boom.

It can continuously roll with just one key 360-degree roll leaving you in a dreamland of amazing stunts. It has a 5.0 MP wide-angle camera that captures videos that would compel you to be in love with it. All the essential pieces of equipment like landing gears and protection frame collectively gives you an amazing experience of flight. 

The 6-axis Gyro has 3D lock and better flight control systems making it be in your control. The drone is providing you more than its price and better than the same price ranged drones. The users are happy with the price. Its higher quality would compel even your friends to buy it for just fun if not required otherwise.


  • Wide high-quality camera.
  • Easily attached and removed from Quadcopter
  • Easy to handle
  • Compatible with GoPro action camera


  • Takes too long time in recharging.

9. Force1 U28W Peregrine:

Humans always wanted to fly and all of us can’t experience flying but Force1 U28W peregrine can give you a feel of flying by its live video feature. You can see the view live that your drone is capturing at the moment. Whether you have an Android or Apple phone, with the FPV Wi-Fi feature of Force1 you can see live video.

Do you want to buy it for your kids? Go ahead. Because it is super easy for beginners and children to use. It is quite better than average helicopter drones and makes quality videos, movies and images. It has a high-quality battery that lasts longer.

Force1 is very obedient in following your selected path that you traced for it on your mobile app screen. Once you selected the path, it needs no more assistance to fly.

Its wide 2MP camera can capture every minute detail that comes in front of it. The beginners can easily handle it with its high and low-speed mode according to their need yet liked by the experts too.


  • Children and beginners can easily handle it.
  • Experience live flight.
  • It contains Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Automatically floats at a fixed height.
  • Excellent stunt performer.


  • It doesn’t work with some iPhones.
  • The battery is often irritating.

10. Sky Viper V2400 HD:

Sky Viper can make amazing videos and incredible images for you and it is very perfect for showing flips and stunts from all the sides.

It can hover for making wide-angled quality videos.  It can hover hand free or it’s up to you that you want it to completely control it. You are provided with just one key to land and fly, making it very simple to use for beginners. A perfect one for landing with no tension that it would get out of control.


  • Amazing drone for view capturing.
  • One key for landing and flying.
  • Better flying time
  • Do 360-degree stunts from all the sides.


  • Not for professional use.

Buying Guide for Users:

There is a rule of technology in the new era and if you want yourself not to be outdated then necessarily you have to follow it. And if you are fond of making videos and taking images or simply you are a videographer you should buy a drone. The reason is that it gives you a wider and clearer picture of the areas not in our reach.  

But you are thinking that there are thousands of options available and it’s a bit tricky to select the appropriate one? I don’t claim that this would be a perfect guide for you but would quite helpful like a travel guide helps you find places in a new country.

So before buying a drone, you should see all the other features discussed above but keep the following features essentially in mind.

Flying time:

One of the foremost features that a drone should be capable of, is its flying time. Because most of the drones can fly for 15 minutes that is a better flying time but the drones with two batteries are giving you more time to enjoy with your drone. It means your time for flying is doubled if you have a drone with dual-battery.

Video Resolution:

The compelling reason you to use a drone is its better and different angled videos that are otherwise difficult to make then definitely buy a drone with high resolution for a better result. Most of the drones are offering 2K, 4K or full HD resolution. But 720p and 1080p cameras are found in almost every drone. So choose the one that best fits your needs because if you are a professional then go for the best choice in your affordable price range.

Battery life:

The battery is like fuel for drones. The longer the battery works, the drone would be able to keep on working. Most of the youngsters use it for just racing or for fun so they are light-weighted and smaller in size and the battery size is small too that don’t last too long but it’s pretty fine because as the battery will stop working the child would be tired and would want to take rest too.

For professional use, drones are equipped with a large-sized battery. And most of the brands offer two batteries for longer use. These batteries can be easily swapped out and at least you can use it for half an hour. So if you want to work longer, choose a drone with a long-life battery.

Controller or Smartphone:

Some drones are controlled by using a controller and some use the smartphone for this purpose while some use both the features. But if you are using your phone for controlling drone then you can’t attend the calls or reply a text. So use your smartphone with drones when you know that no important call is coming.

Are drones reasonable for your flying capacities? 

Regardless of whether you are a fledgling or an accomplished traveler, you need the best drones under 200$ that coordinate your ability level. 

The gadget reasonable for newbies will concentrate on the quality features that guarantee that the drone comes back to you. These gadgets need to likewise contain features that encourage the activity of your gadget. 

What are the flying abilities of best drones under 200$?

Possibly you need a drone that can perform increasingly perilous assignments. Right now, will require one that can withstand the components. Ensure you pick one produced using top quality materials. Extra features, for example, stent gatekeepers will help your plane in an extreme fight. 

It is likewise imperative to take flight time and range into account. Longer flight times and more extensive reaches permit you to take advantage of your assignments. Note that if the drone has extra features, this can restrict its flight time. 

Are drones secure to fly?

Regardless of whether you get a $ 200 drone, you despite everything need it to go securely. That is the reason it needs to have great security features. 

Initially, it must have dependable GPS following. This can assist you in finding your gadget whenever lost during the flight. Extra feature includes take-off and landing alternatives. This permits your drone to effectively jump on and off the ground without trouble. 

Is the relating application perfect with your phone? These days, most drones can be controlled by means of an application on your telephone. Simply ensure the application is perfect with your drone before purchasing. There is nothing more disappointing than purchasing a drone just to find that you can’t exploit all its incredible features.


When you have so many better choices like above mentioned then it is quite easy to make a decision. So the best drones under 200$ are a better technology to use for your ease but always keep the comfort of others as well. Therefore, we hope our selected items and their reviews help you make the good selection possible. Fly them in the open air to keep others safe and to get the better results of your choice.


Do all the drones need a smartphone for controlling?

Some drones are designed to use smartphones for controlling it but it’s not the case in all drones. Otherwise, the controllers are provided to control the drone.

Are these drones better for professional use?

Most of the drones are made for beginners but at the same time, some of them are made for both beginners and professionals.

Do these drones able to move backward?

Yes, you can handle it with the joystick and it automatically starts moving backward.

Do the drones show the live footage?

Some of the drones are equipped to do live streaming.

Can these drones travel more than 150 meters?

Most of the drones cover 100-150 meters but some of them can even travel up to 1 kilometer.  

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